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Master Your Real Estate Marketing

Oct 24, 2020

Are you trying to market to all the people and do all the things? 


There’s something you need to know. 


The riches are in the niches, my friend. 


Niching down is going to save you money on marketing, and you’ll be doing more business because you’re known as a specialist. In other words, you’ll be...

Oct 14, 2020

Do you find yourself getting hung up on your follower count? Feeling like you don’t have enough followers to make an impact?


Would it make you feel better if I told you that’s not true! 


Today I’m joined by one of my students, Ryan Johannes, to talk about how he quadrupled his business in one year.  Crazy,...

Oct 7, 2020

Does your brand go beyond your color scheme and your logo? 


If you’re not sure, that’s okay! 


Today we’re going to talk about what it really means to build a personal brand through community marketing, and what the evolution of creating a brand looks like. 


Our guest today, Tim Collom, is a leading agent in...