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Master Your Real Estate Marketing

Nov 25, 2020

Are press releases and the concept of a PR department a part of your 2021 plan? Does that sound super overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.  Today, I want to teach you how you can flip that script by breaking down exactly how to easily use PR to gain traction in your local market.


With everything going on...

Nov 18, 2020

Would you roll your eyes if I told you blogging and learning how to promote your blog is what you should be focusing on right now? It’s true! Blogging isn’t dead.


The holidays are coming up quick and they offer so many great opportunities for fun and informative blog posts that are sure to interest your viewers....

Nov 13, 2020

How do you make your clients' experience unique and different? How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the market?


With the holidays coming up quick, I thought it felt like an appropriate time to share with you all something really fun I do for my clients a couple of times a year. This is something you can do...