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Master Your Real Estate Marketing

Sep 30, 2020

Does your website copy feel a little… bleh? Writing copy that converts can seem like a really daunting task, so today we’re breakin’ it down for you! 


The copy on your website is SO important. If there’s one thing that I would continue to dig deeper on, it’s how to up-level my copywriting. I want to tell stories that engage my ideal client in the area that I serve and help tell the story of who I am in an authentic and real way.


What do the words say on your website? 


What do the words say in your emails? 


How engaging are your captions on social media? 


It all comes down to writing copy that converts, and today’s guest, Erika Holmes, is a genius in this space.


Erika is a copywriter for personal brands and she specializes in website and email copy. She is the inspiration for a lot of the words that are on my own website and in both of the companies that I serve.


If you want a website that readers can’t look away from, you won’t want to miss this one! 


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